To contact the school council, you can use our group email address -

Alternatively, contact your form/year reps.

Not using your school email address? Contact IT support in A Block and they will tell you your username and password!


What is the School Council?

  • The School Council is here to help put across the views and concerns of the pupils to the teachers
  • We aim, through the use of the form reps, to gain ideas on how to improve the school and make it a more pupil friendly place
  • We are also used as a representative of the pupils in the school, by giving our opinions on issues and by representing the school

The election Process:

  • Pupils are nominated by their form groups to become the Form Reps (1 girl and 1 boy from each form)
  • The elections are held in the Main Hall using proper Ballot booths and Ballot boxes
  • The results are announced and the newly elected Form Reps soon meet up with their Head of Year
  • Another election is held between the Form Reps to decide on their 2 Year Reps who will join the School Council (again, 1 girl and 1 boy)

Teacher with Overall responsibility for the School Council: Mr Phil Jones


Roles within the School Council

  • Chair:  Chairs the meetings and makes sure they are all productive
  • Vice Chair: Helps the chair and stands in when the Chair is not present
  • Secretary: Takes the minutes of the meetings
  • Treasurer: Deals with the finances of the School Council


Associate Pupil Governors

  • There are 2 members of the School Council who attend some of the School Governors meetings
  • This means that not only are pupils' voices brought to the teachers, the Governors are also able to appreciate what the pupils think which allows us to influence decisions made at the top of the school.