New School Uniform

From September 2017 we will be introducing our new school uniform. All Year 7 and Year 12 pupils will be expected to wear the new uniform and all other pupils will be expected to wear it from September 2018. The school uniform policy is available from here.
The uniform details are as follows:

  • Penglais School jumper with logo (grey for Years 7 – 11 and black for the Sixth Form). This is a bespoke Rowlinson "Performa 50" jumper in grey (or black) with a two-tone blue band around the neckline.
  • White shirt or blouse of a traditional design which can accommodate the wearing of a tie. The top button must be done up. Long or short sleeved – but not mid length sleeved.
  • School clip on tie. School Sixth form tie is a traditional tie.
  • School trousers of a traditional, tailored, full length design. (No jeggings, leggings, chinos or jean-type trouser). Tailored black knee length shorts may be worn in the summer term only. Neither the shorts nor the trousers should have combat-style pockets on the leg.
  • Formal, knee length school skirt with a school logo as available from our suppliers.
  • Hoodies are not allowed in school.
  • Footwear must be suitable for school – flat and plain black with no other colour. Trainers, heeled shoes and boots are not allowed.
  • Coats and jackets are not allowed in the canteen or in classrooms. Coats should be traditional – not denim, leather or jersey jackets.
  • Religious headwear should be in navy or grey or white in the summer term.
  • Tights should be black opaque. Socks should be in a dark colour.
  • Hair must be of a natural shade and no extreme hairstyles are permitted. Hair should not be dyed to a colour that is artificial.
  • Jewellery – One stud earring per ear is allowed.
  • Facial and tongue piercings are not allowed on school site.



  • Blue Max Banner Orion Games Top in Navy/Sky with logo
  • Blue Max Banner Orion t shirt in Navy/Sky with logo
  • Navy base layer (without logo)
  • White cotton t-shirt with Penglais logo
  • Black shorts or leggings or tracksuit bottoms.
  • Navy and sky sports socks

We encourage all pupils to have their names on all garments so that should they get lost they can be easily returned to their owner. Initials should not be printed on the outside of the PE uniform.