The inclusion unit is made up of both the Hafan and Encil units. Hafan and Encil perform different functions and they should be considered as being separate services within the inclusion support unit. Hafan is based in H1 and H2 located in the quad and Encil is situated in A block near the library.

Hafan provides the support structure for pupils to enable teaching and learning to take place in lessons and works to prevent admission to Encil or exclusion. 

Encil is an alternative to exclusion and whilst supporting pupils it is also part of the behaviour management and disciplinary process.

Both Hafan and Encil are used as a resource for behaviour management in the school. The ethos of Hafan is to concentrate on rewarding all positive behaviour whilst using sanctions in line with the school behaviour policy when necessary.

Hafan and Encil are an integral part of Penglais School and pupils are expected to adhere to the School’s Code of Conduct and wear correct school uniform at all times.

The aim of the support services offered by Hafan are to help increase pupil confidence, self-esteem and promote positive behaviour management. Hafan currently operates: