At Penglais we are passionate about the importance of Geography in the 21st Century. It is a subject that develops an understanding of the complex and inter-related issues that we face in our lives such as climate change, poverty and deprivation, global shifts in economic power and the challenge of sustainable resource use. It is a subject that delivers a diversity of transferable skills and breadth of knowledge that equips students so well for life during and after school. The Geography Department aims to develop in all pupils a fascination and interest in the world around them and an appetite for investigating geographical issues, through a wide variety of learning experiences.

In Year 7 pupils investigate the changing coastal environment which involves a field trip to the local beaches of Borth & Ynyslas, they develop their map work skills using OS maps and investigate the contrasts between Wales and Japan. In Year 8 pupils have the opportunity to plan and carry out their own enquiry into their home settlement, they investigate global ecosystems and debate the future of the tropical rainforests. In year 9 pupils look at the issues of population change, uneven human and economic development and globalisation. They carry out an ICT enquiry and presentation into the causes and effects of a major tectonic event.

The GCSE and A Level courses are both extremely popular and many A Level Geography students choose to study Geography and Geography related subjects at University.

The department has run a range of very successful trips for pupils that help the Geography to 'come alive'. These trips include Iceland, London Olympic Trip, Coastal fieldwork & Shropshire residential field course.

We have a blog site where there is a lot more information and some very useful resources for each year group, please take a look