Penglais School is an inclusive school. We welcome pupils from many different ethnic backgrounds and value the cultural and educational experiences that these pupils bring to the school. The EAL department supports pupils who are learning English as an Additional Language.

The EAL (English as an Additional Language) department:

  • Supports pupils so that they are able to fully access the curriculum, fulfil their academic potential and take their place in a global society as responsible, caring adults
  • Provides a safe, welcoming, nurturing environment where pupils are accepted and valued
  • Helps pupils become confident in speaking and listening, reading and writing English
  • Builds confidence and helps pupils to integrate fully into school life
  • Works in partnership with parents to enable them to support their children's learning

After an initial assessment of a new pupil, targets are set and appropriate work planned. This is monitored and assessed on a regular basis. The EAL team works closely with Heads of Year and subject teachers to ensure the needs of the pupils are fully met.
The EAL team support pupils in their acquisition of English Language skills and provides a range of teaching and learning activities to meet curriculum demands. The EAL team supports pupils in mainstream lessons to help them access the curriculum and also works with pupils in small groups and on a one to one basis in the EAL unit.
Pupils are always welcome to call in at the EAL unit if they need extra help or support and enjoy meeting socially at our weekly 'drop in' sessions to play games, listen to music, get help with homework and relax with friends.